• Benon


    Human S, Blacksmith Fighter
  • Druitt Auldren

    Druitt Auldren

    Wild Mystic Human Druid
  • Duke Szeffrin Animus

    Duke Szeffrin Animus

    The Terror of Almor
  • Gobsel


    Village priest, Human O, Cleric of Rao, age: 61
  • Heguina


    Weaver and seamstress. Human O, age: 48
  • Heldun


    Egars wife, Human Os, Ranger/Rogue age: 39
  • Jair Slimshot

    Jair Slimshot

    Half Elven Ranger
  • Lord Egar

    Lord Egar

    Lord of Entred, Human Os, Ranger, age: 54
  • Marquis Karn Serrand

    Marquis Karn Serrand

    Marquis of Goldbolt, Paladin of Rao
  • Modulf


    Purtrulf's brother, Merchant and Trader, Human Of, age: 45
  • Prince Carwend

    Prince Carwend

    Prince of Rel Deven, Wizard
  • Prince Ferrenan

    Prince Ferrenan

    Prince of Blacksplinter, evil Wizard (Necromancer)
  • Prince Valeran

    Prince Valeran

    Prince of Rasland
  • Purtrulf


    Inn keeper, Human Of, age: 49
  • Richard "the Lion Heart"

    Richard "the Lion Heart"

    Is young fighter wanting to prove himself in the world. He is a good guy but is not bound to the letter of the law. He doesn't believe in shields and choose to carry two handed weapons. He is called the Lion Heart from a scar on his chest ( shape of a Lio